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Dee Rule is setting the future standards in abstract painting and the art world is taking note. Giving a gift of art to the surviving children of 911 is going a step higher in cultural benefits of art. Maybe this is modernism a decimal higher.

“Emersion” by Dee Rule

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 12, 2011

On the Tenth Anniversary of 911 and the aftermath Dee Rule opened her heart to give something that matters greatly, two paintings.

Dee Rule is donating, “Emersion” and “White Afro Sister” to the 911 Orphan Fund a not-for-profit organization value over $50,000 thousand dollars each and climbing in valuations. Also, Rule has donated three of her printed artworks to The Housing Works in Manhattan New York value over $5,000 each. Housing Works is an affiliate of the Robinhood Foundation, a not-for-profit organization. Also, one of their main mission is to help people suffering with HIV.

“I want to be helpful to all the young adults who lost one or two parents on 911, maybe through my donations they can have a university education and live a healthy life,” said Dee Rule.

“Emersion”, symbolize the forces within our self to come out of problems and embrace togetherness and peace. Its the development of a secret place to protect in our hearts. In the middle you can see a symbol of a watchful face, this is our heart. The black and emerging colors emulates action, activity within our spirits emerging to prosperity.

“White Afro Sister”, here we see on half of the painting engulfs a secret place painted in gray on the other side you see a girl who is standing in the kitchen wearing a colorful Afro hair. In the middle you have a surreal tree next to her and its also part of her kitchen utensils titled sideways. It mean her ambitions to see the world as naturally beautiful just like her hair. Her identity is art, its naturally delicious.

Timothy Stein of Arts in Motion, “When I first came to Dee Rule’s Studio I was taken away with the huge size paintings she had but something hit me as she eloquently spoke with a unique rise and pace of tone, taking me into the secret place of what is ire abstract painting. Her personality defines this new concept in art. Her larger than life paintings and message along a path I never experience before: this is real art.”

“I just wanted to express myself totally on canvas. My goal is to be expressively sane. When I create I’m “Ire”, feeling good in one’s self,” said Dee Rule.

Pablo Picasso, Van Gogh, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol are still alive in the paintings they left behind, but they just might have a fellow painter to share in their mindset of unique artistry and dear devil approach to the arts. Dee Rule came on to the New York scene gravitating to the surreal place in one’s mind of a secret place we all have. Imperfections and Perfections that are balance into a well-defined medium, concept of what is Ire abstract painting.

“One’s secret places is private as well as perfection, and here is where Dee Rule shines in her artistry of strokes of passion and flaws of the human nature,” said Gustave Le Blanc, New York Art Curator and Critic.

To witness Dee Rule painting with the canvas on her lap and elevated on her toes; by the backyard garden sliding door lays out a Post World War II double sink, another canvas rest. Rule’s articulating methods of movements at unconventional places on top her sink? On top her toes? Equilibrium, so as a form of justice, abides here in the place where ire abstract art is born.

The next step for this artist is a solo art exhibition in New York City coming early Spring 2012. Dee has also open her studios to view these amazing creations for the month of September 2011. What a treat to behold a New York experience to be one of the first to witness an artist flight.

Dee Rule is setting the future standards in abstract painting and the art world is taking note.

Email: deanne(dot)world(at)yahoo(dot)com
Dee Rule: 917-582-2136

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  • Dee Rule



"Lady Plays Jacks and Ball" by Dee Rule“Lady Plays Jacks and Ball” by Dee Rule

Here’s a secret place in a lady’s head shown here in a sea of large swirls. They flow in smooth and uprooted ways, some perfect and others have imperfections. There’s great beauty in imperfections. The orange ball and the skeleton men represent her childh


"Colorful Sacrifice" by Dee Rule“Colorful Sacrifice” by Dee Rule

Again is a secret place represented by a body of swirls in green, brown, and gold. The subject is an animal which is to be sacrifice located on the right side but has a friendly face. It’s sacred and should not be touched. It too is “Ire mon” !


"Carnival Pieces" by Dee Rule“Carnival Pieces” by Dee Rule

Carnival fun creates little costume pieces on the streets. See two facial masks, the first to the far left having red eyes and a yellow head and the second in the middle with aqua blue feathers. Man and woman anticipation celebration. It’s “Ire mon”!


"Victory Place" by Dee Rule“Victory Place” by Dee Rule

In the forest exist creatures who live in peace and balance except for food; some look like humans. At top right you see an image of a guerilla and in the middle a lizard, lower right a turkey, at the bottom you see another creature. Its “Ire abstract”



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